BoySpyCam – Sleeping Boy

This sexy freshman is in for the initiation of his life, and we got it all on tale for you at BoySpyCam. While he was sleeping his friends got him undressed and made his large yummi dick get all hard as they were playing with it, making him feel good and sexy. Have a look at and see for yourself what fucking one on one really means. Enjoy as this stud gets a nice awakening from his buddy that gets to play with that nice and big dick of his while he’s sleeping the morning away.

It seems that this guy had the right idea in mind on how to wake him up gently, and you can see in the end that he enjoyed it too. Watch as he gets the covers off gently to reveal his cock, and the sit back and watch him using those expert hands to start working that nice and big meat shaft too. Watch as it gets even bigger as it gets erect and see this stud jerking off that nice cock until he makes the guy moan and prompts him to wake up. Of course he doesn’t want his friend to stop from what he’s doing either!


See this sleeping guy getting undressed and played with!


BoySpyCam – Naked Shooting

BoySpyCam brought you a new hot gallery. They’ve hidden the camera so well that the poor guys have no clue of it’s location. Like this guys, he was preparing for a hot shower, taking off his cloths slowly, showing off his large tool and his worked up body. Check him out as he has another hot shower today. You got to see this guy in a previous update and you know that he just loves to play with himself when he’s all alone. Anyway let’s see him in action once more today shall we?


The scene starts with this hunk as he gets to have some fun once more, and you get to see him slip out of his underwear and turn on the hot water. Watch closely once more and see his hot muscled body as it gets all wet under the shower, and sure enough you get to see this stud in action with his cock once more today. Enjoy as you get to see him starting to play with his nice cock once more, and see him jerking off in the shower once again until he blows his load. Have fun and do drop by next week!

Watch here this stud bragging with his large tool!


Wet contest

BoySpyCam spied on two hot studs going wild in the club. They’ve entered in a wet t shirt contest that they’ve won of course. The guys made their own contest of wet boxers and they’ve won it as well. They thought to do something different and beside their wet underwear they started stroking their fat tools as well. Check them out and see some hot and sexy studs playing with each other’s bodies on stage for the pleasure of the crowd in this nice afternoon update today everyone.

The two guys have no inhibitions so you can expect to see one amazing and hot show with two superb lads. Enjoy as they begin with caressing one another’s bodies and see them rubbing oil all over their muscled bodies today too. See this guy slipping his hand in his underwear as he starts to caress his cock, and then see him whipping out in public on stage, and watch him going for a fast and hard jerk off session too. We hope you liked it and we’ll see you again next week!


Watch here these two studs jerking off in public!


BoySpyCam – Hot Shower

Just look at that smoking hot stud BoySpyCam brought for you. He’s tall, hot and has worked body, just look at his six packs. He was having a shower and didn’t knew he has a camera hidden in his bathroom. After he finished washing he started stroking his large tool. Take a look and see this unsuspecting stud enjoying some nice quality time in the shower for this nice afternoon today everyone. Let’s get started and see him in action along with his nice and big cock as he gets to play naughty and kinky with himself.


As the cameras start to roll, you get to see him doing the usual cleaning part of any shower, as he takes care of his nice and sexy body. Then you can see him taking care of his cock as it needed some cleaning too. And it seems that he was extra careful about that in particular today. Well we guess he just wanted some pleasure and he went about providing it for himself. Sit back and watch closely as this cute stud begins to jerk off on his hard cock today and watch him moaning as he strokes his shaft.

Watch here this hot stud jerking off in the shower!


Hot party

BoySpyCam is here with another ripped stud here your services. He’s tall has a fit body and has a fat tool ready to fit every hole. He was at private party and has too many glass and this is the result. He started to take off his cloths, first his shirt, than his pants and finally he was naked flashing his large tool in every one’s face. Check him out and watch him showing off his goods to his buddies in this fresh and sexy update that we get to bring to your screens in this nice and hot afternoon today.


As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this superb scene with this hot hunk. You can enjoy some nice scenes with him today as he was eager to show off his mighty cock for the cameras. Enjoy his buddies cheering him on as he reveals more and more of his body, and see them enjoying the sight of his nice muscled body too. See this guy posing around and playing with his nice cock as he poses sensually and sexy for everyone and have fun with the whole update.

Check out this ripped stud flashing his hard meat!


BoySpyCam – Stripping

Check out what BoySpyCam prepared for you. This hot stud is here and ready for action. He has an amazing body, ripped and fit. He was in a club and decided to show off his good. So he jumped on the scene and started taking off his cloths, revealing his monster cock right there in front of everyone. Check him out and see this guy along with his buddies putting on a superb little show for everyone to see in this superb and sexy afternoon update today everyone. We bet you won’t be disappointed.

Watch them working their nice and sexy bodies for the cameras and then see them having around their nice and big dicks for the audience today. You can enjoy the sight of their monster tools in this afternoon and rest assured that everyone was happy with the view. Enjoy yourselves with this superb and sexy scene and see you guys next time with some more amazing and hot sexy studs. Until then have your fun and see you guys then. And check out the past updates too!


Check out this hot stud showing off his monster tool!